I have struggled to write this blog post. I want to articulate what I am feeling. But the feelings are too big.

This time last year I was blissfully lost and making it up as I went along. Daily. Every single day there was another issue to navigate. Another solution ready to be unearthed from beneath a literal and figurative pile of store “stuff”. What an amazing journey this year has been!

So maybe I should just start by saying thank you!

To a congregation that consistently steps up. I could never list all the names. I won’t even start. Some keep making donations. Some fill in when there’s a hole in the schedule. Others do laundry or scrub floors. Others have committed to owning a spot on the weekly schedule. I am overwhelmed by the spirit of ownership and support. It is our store and each of you should be proud of your contribution.

To a Heavenly Father who loved this community enough to plant this idea of a community service and support mission on McEver road. A wise God who had all the details worked out. He knew where the resources were coming from for the racks and shelves and for the bills. He knew when we would need equipment or merchandise and it had an uncanny habit of showing up just when we needed it. His plans, His timing, His provision…perfect.

To a community that has blessed us beyond measure. We are constantly amazed at the generosity of the people who just find us and immediately start donating.

But the sweetest blessings from this community are not merchandise. The greatest blessing has been your trust. We have walked through your tragedies and your frustrations and your fears and your victories with you. We have been so very honored that you have chosen to trust us enough to share. And we have been honored to carry your burdens with you to our loving Heavenly Father in prayer.

We have goals. We have things we want to do. We want to grow. We want the store to generate enough resources to give back huge benefit to our community. We want to increase the number and variety of the services we provide. But more than any other thing…we want to walk carefully in the footsteps of God. He has proven that He has big ideas. If we stay faithful to walking where He tells us to walk….the second year will be even more amazing than the first.

Patti Dixion | Store Manager

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