God always paves the way.

Isaiah 43:19, “Behold I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth. Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert”.

My husband and I were both raised in Oklahoma, a state not known for fabulous road conditions. When we moved to Georgia, we were shocked to see a road crew resurfacing a street in our little North Georgia community. “What in the world” we asked. “Why resurface a perfectly good street?” Then they finished it, we realized how broken up and bumpy it had been and how improved it was. We’ve lived here for ages now and have been spoiled by years of driving on good roads and have little tolerance for potholes and cracked pavement. We have become so accustomed to driving on well maintained roads that we no longer even notice or appreciate it.

I’m afraid I get just as accustomed to God’s care for my life. God always paves the way. But sometimes he works in the background and we don’t even see his hand. But He’s always got my best interest in mind. His default position is to care for me. Even when discipline is necessary, His correction comes from a place of love, from wanting me to grow into more of the women He wants me to become.

A few weeks ago a friend, referring to her own situation said, “God’s got this”. A universally true statement. God’s always paving the way. God’s always putting things in motion days, weeks or even years before we will need them so that in His perfect timing it will be available for us. I don’t ever want to become so used to His care that I stop noticing, stop appreciating or stop being in awe of His love!

Patti Dixon | Store Manager

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