God’s plans are perfect

I Corinthians 12:18-19 says that we are all members of one body and all the parts are valuable. This project of opening this store has reminded me just how much we need each other and how much lighter the load is when everyone on the team is carrying his or her own load.  Many times I have tried to do a task that I wasn’t suited for. In the best of results I was successful but the work was hard and wore me out. In the worst of times I was completely unsuccessful because I was trying to complete a task that shouldn’t have been my task. In the terms of this scripture, I was walking on my hands or talking with my toes. How ridiculous.

God’s plans are perfect. He knows his children. What they are good at and what they could accomplish if they were willing to stretch to a place they are called to, but have never been. How exciting it is to be part of a team where everyone is walking on their feet and working with their hands.  Figuratively speaking.  The detail people are handling details. The big picture people are creating plans. We’re all working hard but energized as we wait to see where God takes us!

-Patti | Store Manager

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