Daily Armor of God

Today was the first day of Fit ‘n Thrift and Daily Armor. I walked by myself but that’s okay. I need the exercise and I need the discipline of spending time with God. It’s a great walk and pretty scenery so I’d live to have some company. Either way, I’ll be walking Monday – Friday 9:15-9:45. I’ve decided to use the verse of the day from You Version for my text for the Daily Armor. And it’s just like God that today’s verse was Eph 6:11. “Put on the full Armor of God so that you can stand against the Devil’s schemes. Verse 12 reminds us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but is in fact spiritual. The forces of the devil are constantly at war against our souls to defeat us, frustrate us, anger us. Or otherwise, trip us up. If we take our kids or grandkids to the beach this summer we won’t say, “we’ll see if it’s sunny. If it is we’ll put sunscreen on them. And if they get thirsty or hungry sometime during the day we’ll figure something out then”. If you spend the day on the beach it will be sunny enough to get burned and you will get hungry and thirsty at some point. So we plan, we prepare. The attacks of Satan are just as predictable. Verse 11 doesn’t say, “if”. It says that our struggle “is” be prepared. Put on you Daily Armor of the word of God.

Patti Dixion | Store Manager

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