the Almighty God of the universe has your back

Psalms 118:24 says,This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. A familiar verse and often misunderstood. It says “in” not “for”. Sometimes there are days we are just not grateful for. A day not perfect for rejoicing and being glad. Today for instance. It started with me just unable to hit a rhythm. I moved from thing to thing with little productivity. Then a text from some of the team stating their early morning errand was on hold because the business they went to had changed their hours and they had to twiddle their thumbs for an hour waiting for them to open. While awaiting their return I almost chopped off the end of my thumb off on the paper cutter, which took me 20 minutes of trying to stop the bleeding and resulted in a late departure to my other job. When I called to let my contact know I was a bit behind schedule, I was told that my class had been canceled. 40 miles in Atlanta traffic only to turn around and head back home. I ran a couple of errands while I was out, but basically wasted 3 hours. If there is anything I can’t afford to waste, it is TIME. Got back to the store with a throbbing thumb to be told that the delivery we were expecting was not coming because they couldn’t load the product in the rain.

WOW! to quote my favorite children’s book terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Here’s what I know. My day did not spin out of control because God forgot me or decided he didn’t like me or wanted to punish me or teach me a lesson. I had a bad because sometimes we have bad days. We just do. Here’s what else I know. God loves me. Even when my day turns on its ear, God loves me. If people let me down, God loves me. If tragedy strikes, God loves me. If I seriously mess up. God loves me and forgives me.

If the Almighty God of the universe has your back, that is reason enough to rejoice and be glad even in the middle of a bad day.

-Patti | Store Manager

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